Sports and Entertainment


Sports and Entertainment at FleishmanHillard UK

Our team of experienced sports and entertainment communications counsellors help brands, teams, leagues and governing bodies grow their business and drive memorable engagements.

The power of sport and entertainment to entertain, inspire, excite and unite is so intoxicating that everyone wants a piece of it. Brands cannot buy love from fans, they have to earn it. So, we work together with our clients to connect them to their audiences in an authentic way that offers value to both sides to protect reputation and build business.


All clients have access to our deep expertise in research, planning, strategy, execution and measurement and evaluation but we also offer in particular:

Sponsorship evaluation and activation

Insight-driven programme development

Brand narrative and storytelling

Social media planning

Thought leadership

Creative direction and execution

Content and conversation measurement and analysis

Risk assessment and crisis preparation

Issues response and management

Real-time monitoring and scenario planning

Social listening and monitoring

Message development and media training

Athlete and talent negotiation

Social media content development

and channel management

Multichannel content development

Employee engagement

Event support

Media relations

Paid integrations

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