Introducing: Rachel Hodgson

Rachel is our Client Services Director and is a Partner in our London Technology Practice Group. We managed to grab some time to chat about what she does and why she does it.


Rachel you’ve specialised in tech PR – why?

I’ve always been a bit of a geek and – like most people who fell into this industry – thought that the pace of change and innovation in the tech world would keep me interested and challenged. Back then I didn’t realise that it would become such an influential industry and was just following my interests – but I’m glad I did as the last decade had been a fascinating journey. One of the reasons I’ve loved working at Fleishman in the Tech Practice is that so much of our work is international. I’ve not only had the opportunity to work with and lead some amazing international tech clients, from AT&T to Fitbit, but in doing so I get to work with incredible colleagues every day across EMEA and beyond.

What does your Client Services Director role entail?

Good question – it’s one of those titles that sometimes has a very fuzzy remit attached to it! My focus is on helping our great client handlers build relationships that enable us to deliver exceptional work for clients. Our approach to client service is based on a belief that by investing in this relationship and constantly striving to understand clients’ changing needs, we can be a true partner and do amazing work. It’s also my goal to make sure that clients have access to our best specialists from across the business – whether that’s Kev for creative direction, Paul for planning or our market experts across the network.

What’s been the biggest challenge taking on the role?

Learning to balance this role with my commitments to my clients. I believe to be effective in the job you still need to be at the coalface of client work and deeply involved – not sitting apart from that.

What campaign would you consider your career highlight?

Years ago I worked with the RAF to encourage non-aviators to join the organisation in non-flying roles. I loved it – mainly because I’ve never worked with such a dedicated, committed bunch of people. More recently our work with Royal Philips launching a new global thought leadership platform around the future of healthcare has been incredibly exciting. Meeting the needs of such a diverse and international organisation as it reshapes its business around a healthtech strategy has been a fantastic challenge.

What have you learnt about yourself in the course of your career?

I’ve gained an ability to let go of the small things, be more flexible and focus on the bigger picture. I’ve also learnt that I thrive on collaboration and teamwork – our best work for clients comes from sharing and building on ideas.

You’ve been at Fleishman nearly eight years – how come you’ve stayed so long?

The people… I love my team! Organisations often say that people are their biggest asset. In our case it’s true.

What is one tip you would share with younger people looking to get into Tech PR?

Don’t forget that your personality is your greatest asset! I don’t mean everybody has to be an extrovert – I just believe that if you focus on what naturally interests you, and follow your passions then you’re more likely to be successful and to build a career you really enjoy.