Abstract Digest #20

Welcome to another issue of Abstract Digest, we source the week’s best news, the best stories, the best design, and sprinkle it with a dash of funny to create the only list you need to read this week!



Gates, Zuckerberg and Bezos invest in huge clean energy fund.

Can we be persuaded to pay for online news?

Google Glass could come back with a less intrusive, flexible design.

New Samsung patents show a phone that rolls out into a tablet.

The new tallest building in the world will be a kilometre high.

The Kitty Convict Project may mean no lost housecats ever again…

Do’s and don’ts for the Christmas party, courtesy of LinkedIn.

Coming soon to India: Designer breathing masks to combat air pollution.

YouTube is bidding for streaming rights for tv shows and movies.

How The Sun is challenging ‘blokey’ misconception as it looks to widen appeal to advertisers.

Where’s your Uber? New color coding will help you find the right car.


Mobile dating apps spur HIV epidemic among Asia’s teenagers, says UN.

E-paper sneakers: change your style on the fly.

Fairy lights could ‘slow’ wi-fi speeds warns Ofcom.

UberPool launches in London to make fares cheaper if you share with strangers.

This machine can bring a human heart back from the dead.

Security of UK net firms under scrutiny.

Seven tips for emotional storytelling from the writer of Inside Out.

How The Big Issue is using our caffeine obsession to tackle homelessness.

George Osborne denies net immigration rise needed to achieve budget surplus.

A look at ‘Big Bang Data’, the latest exhibition at Somerset House.

Microsoft gets into christmas spirit and shows apple hand of friendship in TV advert.



David Mitchell: Clarkson’s plaque is a boon to anyone suffering doubt.

Jeremy Corbyn ‘systematically’ attacked by British press the moment he became leader.

How PR embargoes killed news.

Opinion: Amy Schumer’s authenticity – not her nudity – makes her Pirelli photo ‘real’.

Rabbit hutch’ homes should be consigned to the past, say architects.

Idioms are dying: Should we mourn them?

A click too far: why using social media isn’t that great for fundraising.

German supermarket Edeka’s Christmas advert rivals John Lewis with heartbreaking story.

Eddie Izzard: ‘People only have selective techno-fear. Usefulness overcomes phobia’.

How to be like Steve Ballmer.



Cards Against Humanity earned $71,145 on Friday selling absolutely nothing.

These are the funniest #PopeBars memes, for the hip-hop catholics amongst you.

15 creative Christmas decorations for tiny apartments

Make your own fonts with this swift tool.

The best fiction of 2015.

Want to learn about robotics? Pay Humble Bundle $15, get $276 worth of maker know-how.

The most liked instagram photos of 2015 revealed.