Abstract Digest #15

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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop to start work on a $6bn test-track ‘within weeks’.

ESPN is shutting down its YouTube channel due to paid subscription model.

Should cyclists be allowed to run red lights?

Honda’s new hydrogen powered car is actually a good car.

Learn a new fact every minute.

How will technology enhance our bodies by 2025?

Google’s Project Loon internet balloons to circle Earth.

Tracking who’ll win the US party nominations via the use of bookies.

Antibiotic resistance, helium shortage, and more real-world problems to scare you this Halloween.



Why are brands taking agencies in house?

UCAS have announced they will implement a ‘name blind’ application process.

Morocco set to become a solar super power.

A new Barbie ad lets kids imagine their futures.

How MTV is using vloggers and Instagram to boost its brand appeal.

Processed meats as bad as smoking, says World Health Organisation.

“World’s first” Bluetooth padlock goes on sale in the UK.

SXSW cancels gaming panel on harassment following threats of harassment.

Jes Staley: New Barclays chief says reputation is his first priority.

Snapchat has added 3 new features and whole heap new content.

Osborne to launch National Infrastructure Commission.

Halloween round-up: devilishly good content from Snickers, Burger King, Airbnb and more.



Has Google been learning lessons from Facebook?

Is the end of the 24 hour booze license almost upon us?

Opinion: Feminism isn’t dead, despite the assassination attempts.

How Mumsnet is a barometer for brands.

Is the agency model broken?

Labour can’t just gloat over Osborne’s mess – we need a positive alternative says Guardian’s Owen Jones.

What Twitter must do to save itself.

Opinion: The Lords is a ludicrous affront to democracy and accountability.

Does social media actually sell products?

Stop learning, start applying.



London landmarks light up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

TFL doing Buzzfeed partnerships right.

Filthy burgers.

Is this guy the most prolific internet troll ever?

This sportswear peels away when you’re hot and sweaty.

3D printing hair is as easy as using a hot glue gun.

This AI can tell if your selfies suck.

Data Visualisations: 10 worst cities to find a job.