Abstract Digest #13

Welcome to Abstract Digest, our round up of the week’s best in creativity, news and inspiration.



AI researchers digitise a slice of rat brain.

Pepsi confirms it’s building a smartphone.

Facebook launches pre-Christmas charm offensive to woo retailers with new shopping features.

This rocket engine could soon put planes into outer space.

New ‘Concorde 2‘ could fly from London to New York in an hour.

Facebook reveals video discovery platform: a YouTube killer?

Self-driving cars will be tested on Canadian roads in 2016.

The first Braille smartwatch is available to pre-order.

FIFA wants to have a wearable tech standard for soccer teams.



How Guinness is aiming to win over the South Korean market with #TasteofBlack campaign.

Google’s new video teaches you to how to Google.

3D printing tech is helping disabled kittens walk again.

Man watches ‘Insidious’ in virtual reality, turns into a screaming wreck.

Those annoying hover-boards are illegal as of yesterday. Thank goodness.

A step too far? Flirtmoji reveals vagina emojis to enhance sexting.

Who needs Netflix? A US poll reveals the most rewatchable movies of all time.

Sweden introduces six-hour work day.

Need content? Take a hint from GoPro, and train your top users in storytelling.

Marijuana not a gateway drug, says addiction psychiatrist.

What’s it like to answer angry tweets about trains?



Are infographics dead?

The Apprentice should challenge candidates to develop a new Facebook – not flog fish fingers.

How brands took part in 2015’s “Great British Bake Off” conversation.

Ten direct actions by women that changed the world.

How the Periscope summit restored my faith in humanity…

This app is building a giant network for free messaging.

In this 24-hour media age, a divided party will always damage itself.

Is native advertising the answer to ad blocking?

How women make it work: Lessons from young female entrepreneurs on getting ahead.

Why generation z are deleting their social media accounts and going offline.

How the black dot campaign turned into a dangerous viral hoax…



Cyborg limbs help children overcome disabilities as Iron Man or Queen Elsa.

13 photos of dogs in midair that will make your heart soar.

Notebooks shaped like internet tabs – reverse engineering at its finest (irony).

Looking to bolster your arguments? Use this handy tool.

This real-life Thor hammer can only be lifted by its creator.

This man joined Grindr and only used quotes from the Pokemon games to chat to guys.

Isis ‘wasn’t my cup of tea‘, says British women who wants to come home.

China’s street food vendors are creating edible works of art.

A lot of people go to shopping centers to… eat?