Abstract Digest #11

Welcome to Abstract Digest, a collection of this week’s news, inspiration, creativity and awesomeness. Let us know on Twitter if we missed out anything amazing.



Aspirin could double life expectancy of gastrointestinal cancer patients, study finds.

Will ad-blocking software destroy mobile advertising?

Aldi UK said it would move online 2016, stepping up the pressure on Britain’s big supermarkets.

Ashley Judd urges giving women global access to birth control.

Uber could face harsh rules in the UK, if a leaked TFL document is to be believed.

Welcome to Starwipe: The Onion’s new gossip site.

Yelp for people‘ app allows everyone you know to rate you.

In a show of protectionism, Amazon will stop selling Google Chromecast and Apple TV units.

This futuristic VeinViewer makes it easier for nurses to find a vein.



David Cameron publicly denies Lord Ashcroft pig allegation for first time.

World Tourism Day brings out some top-quality Instagramming.

Britons increasingly suspicious of content marketing.

Edward Snowden now has a Twitter profile and only follows one account…

Call of Duty’ slammed for fake terrorist PR stunt in Singapore.

Google and Microsoft end their years-long patent war

London’s ‘bed under the stairs’: Don’t believe everything you read. Obvs

How much time and data do ad-blockers really save?

How to work 40 hours in 16.7 (maybe).



The iPad Pro’s biggest challenge: finding its place between tablet and laptop.

Never mind the hipsters. It’s the property developers who are ruining our cities says Dan Hancox.

Run Windows 1.01 in your browser.

Booze all weekend but Nutribullet through the week: meet Generation Offset.

The hipster is dead, let’s start an anti-authenticity movement.

5 reasons Pizza Express wins at social media.

Why the phrase ‘first world problem’ is condescending to everyone.



Super moon and lunar eclipse combine for ‘blood moon’ – pictures from around the world.

A guide to the history of fashion.

Liquid water probably exists on Mars, NASA reveals.

Lazer razor!

A new tube map of the London Underground that’s far more useful than the ‘official’ one.

TV and film characters having real jobs…

53 wonderfully pointless facts about the English language.