Abstract Digest #8

Welcome to Abstract Digest, a collection of inspirational, creative and relevant news from the past week.


Budget changes to hit single parents hardest, research reveals.

How might smoking effect you in the future? Check out this video.

Coming to a record store near you: cassette tapes. The future is here, folks!

Amazon to release a $50 tablet this year, WSJ says.

The Assisted Dying Bill comes back to Parliament on Friday in what will be an emotionally-charged debate.

What the new iPhone means for mobile marketing.

Instagram open for business as it lets any brand advertise on the site.

This startup is reimagining shower design, so people actually want to save water.

A phone that never runs out of storage!

Behold Europe’s first growth hacking academy: kicking off in Amsterdam this November.

A real plan to replace London’s tube with moving walkways.

All gas stations in Russia will have to install EV charging stations.



This app gives you a virtual security guard to walk you home.

Lord Hall reveals BBC will ‘partner’ others on creativity.

Children’s health ‘shocking’ postcode lottery, charity says.

Mumsnet and Lidl UK strike six-figure content and branding deal.

Fantastic designed adverts, the first from McDonalds and the second from Kia.

Fat-shaming video causes YouTube row.

Facebook are testing new layouts for brand pages.

CoverGirl is making Star Wars makeup and it’s awesome.

Easyjet launches major brand campaign to celebrate 20th birthday.

Amazon stops selling Fire smartphone.

A petition has been launched urging Brewdog to withdraw their “Don’t Make Us Do This” campaign.



Five marketing lessons from Bompas & Parr’s tasting menu extravaganza.

Refugees bring hope, not trouble – my father’s story is proof of that.

I quit my job, to manage my dog.

4 public speaking skills you need to master to become a leader.

6 reasons brands should be using Periscope.

What all writers can learn from Mitch Hedburg.

Periods cost £18,000? 5 things I’d rather spend the money on.

How to manage a team of B players.

We should all be weird as f***.

The day you became a better designer.



7 things you probably didn’t know about the Queen’s corgis.

The films to watch in autumn 2015: from Everest to Star Wars.

Serena Williams faces down haters in powerful new Beats by Dre ad.

7 out of 8 social media messages to brands go unanswered (Infographic).

Space whisky really does taste different.

Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest-reigning UK monarch.

Americans not happy with their Congress, cannot name any Congress members.

Hilarious re-trailer of TV classic Friends, imagined as a horror movie.