Abstract Digest #10

Welcome to Abstract Digest, a condensed look at this week’s best links from the internet, compiled from our staff here at the London office.



Pantone announces its most fashionable colours for 2016.

The US and China want to set ground rules for cyberwarfare.

Welcome to the slow death of the web.

Apple’s electric car given 2019 launch date.

Made in Germany” will take a massive blow as the Volkswagen scandal develops.

BT pledges better broadband for UK.

Women will be able to inject contraceptive drugs at home for the first time.

Tim Farron vows to get the Lib Dems ‘back into power’.

The ‘world’s biggest’ 3D printer will build emergency houses.



Coca Cola create temporary naming tattoos for their cans.

Rugby’s top medic calls for rule change to make game safer.

The “most explosive political book of the decade” is being serialised in the Mail with new claims emerging about the Prime Minister.

Chancellor George Osborne has said the UK and China are exploring how to link their stock markets.

Tough reading: #ShoutYourAbortion is trending, with women telling positive stories of their decision to abort.

Instagram isn’t slowing down as it tops 400 million users.

Netflix has analysed a wealth of viewer statistics to work out exactly which episodes of our favourite series that get us addicted.

Twitter rolls out special Pope Francis emoji, ’cause he’s #blessed like that.

Treat meat eaters like smokers, warns Jeremy Corbyn’s new vegan farming minister Kerry McCarthy.

How the RFU is using the World Cup to shake off rugby’s private school image.



Seven things you need to stop doing to be more productive!

Best Emmys moment for streaming TV was push for transgender equality.

The unlikely saviour of the NHS: drug-resistant gonorrhoea.

How should coffee shops build brand loyalty?

What could Facebook’s ‘dislike’ button do for brands?

Nutella let people write their own labels and it totally backfired.

A US judge has ruled that “Happy Birthday To You” belongs in the public domain, at long last

Always fidgeting? Well, you just might be doing yourself a world of good.

25 ways to tighten your writing.

Labour’s conference will crackle with ideas. But the party may not survive.

Languages are dying, but is the internet to blame?



Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls ask better red carpet questions than Ryan Seacrest.

Need a roundup of last week’s biggest trends on social? Try this.

#Piggate prompts 117,300 pieces of social content as wave of creativity greets David Cameron allegations – including Cassetteboy’s latest song Gettin’ Piggy With It.

Elle Australia celebrate women with a mirrored magazine cover.

Why brands should do more to push Brits into sport.

Bigots got mad about Rainbow Doritos and this guy had the perfect response.

More people die from taking selfies than from shark attacks.

Actors reciting pop songs in the style of Shakespeare is as brilliant as you’d expect.

Sam Smith’s new Bond theme, Writing’s on the Wall has been released!