Abstract Digest #4

Welcome to another edition of Abstract Digest, collating this weeks news, trends and creativity.


Nano-sized ‘yolks’ should lead to longer-lasting batteries.

How do you make voters interested in elections through social media?

Spotify will soon introduce a premium-only “gated access” model.

Labour bans 1,200 people from voting in leadership election over next couple of weeks.

Hillary Clinton to turn over her private email server.

This flip-phone concept of an iPhone 6 is really neat, even if flip-phones died a death years ago.

What social platforms will people be using next year?



Tesla is courting hackers.

Bike-powered outdoor cinemas.

British Gas has been aligning brand and customer experience to power its next brand campaign.

One of the first health apps built with Apple’s ResearchKit platform is now available to download outside the US.

Cheap drones are interfering with firefighters’ work

Facebook says nobody uses LOL anymore

Coca-Cola backs research blaming obesity on lack of exercise, NOT soda.

Google hid an Easter Egg in its Alphabet announcement. Find it.

Board game to train African midwives.

Professor grows an ear on his arm that will connect to the Internet.

UKIP has appointed ex-MP Mark Reckless as its economic spokesman, it says.



Why downloadable content must be part of your marketing campaign.

Three tips for working with YouTubers.

Major brands demolish gender stereotypes with #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign.

6 apps for people who are easily distracted at work.

What’s so bad about professional politicians anyway?

What happened when Linkin Park asked Harvard for help with its business model.

What Google has to gain by adopting the Alphabet.

How to stop to-do lists ruining your life.

Tip of the day: get people to like you by treating them as experts.

Look like a girl … think like a man’: Bic causes outrage on national women’s day.

Your edgy startup idea is stupid.

What are the most popular social platforms for millennials.

My ‘perfect’ Instagram life is a fun refuge from reality. I like it that way.