Abstract Digest #1

Here in the London office of FleishmanHillard we pull together a daily trend-led email to help shape our days in a creative and interesting way, focusing on things happening in the future, present and past.

Here’s a round-up of the best stories we’ve shared within the office this week:



Roskilde Festival 2017 is turning festivalgoers’ urine into beer.

Channel 4 create TV Show based on Twitter account ‘Very British Problems‘. Actors already committed are Jonothan Ross, James Corden, Ruth Jones and Steve Mangan.

Tim Berners-Lee (papa internet) wantshealthcare data to be open by default to support more breakthroughs and establish accountability.

Facebook will stop including Likes and Shares in its CPC data, only clicks to URLs and apps.



Michael McIntyre vs. police surveillance.

How are brands using their Instagram ads?

Who is Eleni Haifa?

Make a child cry urges Healthcare NGO.

Expand your vocabulary

Bad dreams can be good for you.

Logitech has changed its name and logo and is now known only as Logi.

Meerkat makes friends with Facebook’s API,adds viewer cameos and streaming storage.

Five things to do when approaching influencers.




Marvel bust out some classic hip-hop album covers.

The Rise of the Vlog Star: how digital super influencers have changed the PR landscape.

This man and his burrito took better engagement photos than most couples.

10 innovation lessons inspired by Homer Simpson.