Friday TechMunch: Omnicom Women

As part of Omnicom’s celebration of International Women’s Day, we attended the launch of OmniWomen UK yesterday, which aims to encourage and inspire female talent in our industry. The day was jam-packed with breakout workshops and plenary sessions featuring (mostly) women but also men who have been an inspiration in business across various industries. These included broadcaster Emma Freud, Paralympian Karen Darke, Jo Swinson MP, comedian Shazia Mirza, Dame Dianne Thompson and Dame Fiona Woolf.

The day emphasised that we are not simply talking about a women’s issue, rather the need for inclusivity in our businesses. Omnicom’s executive vice president Janet Riccio underlined this focus: “Companies that have diverse, inclusive management teams and boards financially outperform those who don’t. The best investment we can make is in our own human capital.” It was a massively inspirational day and there will surely be more to come in regards to OmniWomen UK initiatives.