The Regs

Our ‘Regs’ are the ‘regulations’ for behaviour at underpin our culture. They are the guiding principles for the way we work.

These are The Regs | FleishmanHillard UK

We move forward together

We are a community of individuals who need, and rely on, each other

  • We don’t let each other down; when we say we’ll do something, we do it
  • When we face challenges and differences, we work through and fix them together and directly, getting behind the agreed course of action
  • We appreciate and respect our differences in perspectives and opinions, and we welcome them all to the table as valuable contributions.

We celebrate each other

We celebrate every individual within our community; striving to appreciate what it’s like to walk in the shoes of people with different life experiences

  • We recognise that our colleagues are human beings first and foremost, and we treat each other with kindness and the utmost respect
  • We value the expertise and skillset of every person in our business
  • We make time to hear and appreciate each other’s opinions and views and we do our best to understand them.

We welcome challenge 

We welcome healthy challenge, and we when we disagree, we do so with kindness and respect

  • We challenge only with the intent to help improve our work and move things forward
  • We are inclusive of different opinions, but we come together on shared perspectives
  • We may disagree, but once a decision is made, we all put in the effort to commit and progress.

We own our impact

We all understand what is expected of us; in terms of the work we deliver and the quality of that work

  • We all take personal accountability for our work, our outputs and the way in which they are delivered, whilst ensuring that our actions are not detrimental to our community
  • We are collectively responsible for communicating expectations of our teams and our colleagues and we are committed to providing clear, fair and quality feedback when these are not met
  • We care about how we work together not where we work; we trust, empower and are flexible with each other to carry out our responsibilities to best of our ability, regardless of where we work from.

We build the best teams

Our clients are always served by a community of experts collaborating to deliver the best work and always looking to do better

  • We celebrate and respect all aspects of our work; from team administration through to research, execution and everything in-between
  • We respect our limitations and we work together across practice lines and specialisms, to give our clients the best answer
  • We seek development, satisfaction, progress, innovation and learning in everything we do, and we are honest about the work that contributes towards our professional growth.