Crisis and Issues Management

Crisis and Issues Management at FleishmanHillard UK

Our Crisis and Issues Management team can help you protect your most important asset: your reputation.

We have decades of experience helping CEOs and their teams prepare for, react to and effectively manage reputational risk. Our crisis experts are accredited and use our proprietary A.R.C. ™ methodology to help clients in times of need.

We have helped steer a broad range of leading brands and organisations through a host of reputationally challenging issues and crises including data breaches, ransomware, spyware and other cyber incidents, fatal workplace accidents, corporate governance issues, management of labour disputes, restructuring and redundancies, litigation, public inquiry, government investigation and product failures and recalls.

We work with a broad range of sectors and clients, from independent and family companies, to FTSE 100 businesses and multi-market conglomerates. With the support of the Fleishman and Omnicom networks, we can quickly engage crisis counsellors to provide local support anywhere around the world.

Find out more about our approach in our Crisis and Issues brochure.

Case study

When an insurance brand was hit with a ransomware attack, we were called in to advise on all matters — from the reputational implications of the attack, managing the ransom threat to coordinating stakeholder communications and preparing all materials for data subject notification.

We were a key partner in the incident response team, working alongside legal and forensics teams as well as supporting conversations with domestic and international security agencies.

Case study

We advised a multi-national firm through a high court battle, ensuring the business was on the front foot and the damage to its reputation was minimised. Our work included detailed scenario mapping, recommendations for handling at each stage and drafting materials including statements for each scenario plus a detailed Q&A. We also media trained the spokespeople so the business was prepared should it need to take a proactive stance. In addition, we ran a crisis simulation to road-test the plans and ensure the business was as able to flex and adapt its comms approach as the court case progressed.

Working hand in hand with the legal team throughout, we ensured the business was in the best possible place when the court case commenced, and we were able to successfully respond to media lines emerging. The result was limited national coverage and the coverage which did land was balanced and clearly explained the business’s position.


Crisis preparedness

Crisis management

Issues management

Reputation management

Litigation communications

Labour and restructuring communications

Reputation recovery

Within these services, we cover a wide range of situations, most notably:

  • Data breaches and cybersecurity
  • Workplace situations (harassment, executive changes, workforce reductions)
  • Regulatory and law enforcement investigations
  • Commercial, criminal and civil litigation
  • Inquests and Public Inquiries
  • Product failures and recalls
  • Special interest group attacks and Union campaigns
  • Financial crises, fraud and corruption
  • Business continuity situations and network outages
  • Industrial accidents
  • Transportation accidents

For immediate assistance in the UK,  our crisis team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can use this form or call +44-208-618-1736.

For assistance outside of the UK, please use this form where you will be connected with FleishmanHillard’s regional crisis leads.

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