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Brand Marketing at FleishmanHillard UK

We create transformative outcomes for brands. Our knowledge of culture, audiences and behaviours allows us to develop creative and insightful ideas that resonate. In today’s marketplace, ideas matter more than ever – ideas that audiences see as their own, which can be authentically expressed through a brand.

Our goal is to recognise these opportunities and create a collaborative endeavour with our clients, some of the most exciting brands in the world.

Only when a brand taps into culture do we see the kind of engagement that can create positive momentum in the marketplace and be truly transformative in the three areas most important to brands: launching products and services; repositioning themselves to create opportunity; and growing or expanding their positions of leadership.

Case study


FleishmanHillard UK identified an opportunity for challenger brand, Crocs, to collaborate with multi-award winning designer Christopher Kane for London Fashion Week – an activation that would shift perceptions of Crocs from outsider to a formidable player in the fashion world.

We helped create Crocs’ runway debut range that became one of the talking points and most photographed item of LFW.

We created content, hosted media interviews, and distributed global media assets which caught the attention of fashion eyes around the world – with 1.6 billion UK impressions alone. The partnership enhanced Crocs’ cultural relevance with the influencer set, without alienating the core buying audience.

More work


All clients have access to our deep expertise in research, planning, strategy, execution and measurement and evaluation but we also offer in particular:

Brand launches and repositioning

Narrative workshops

Creative strategy

Strategic planning

Channel mapping

Audience profiling

Visual storytelling


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